Two e01 forensic image on one larger drive !


New Member
Nov 21, 2016
Is it good to acquire e01 forensics binary copy from two discs on one larger disc ? From example I have two discs - one 120GB, second 320GB, and I do binary copy of them on one larger disc from example 1TB.
Except from fact that when I physically damage that 1TB disc I lose both of binary copies of that (120, 320) discs.
What are others disadvantages of doing this ?
Dec 31, 2006
There is nothing wrong with imaging multiple disks to a single disk. Not much different than imaging multiple disks to a RAID.

Hmmm. Disadvantages. If consent or legal authority was revoked for one of the original items you imaged you would have to show you properly deleted it. There is always the chance of a hardware failure and you lose both image files before making your backup copy. I am sure there are other disaster scenarios as well.


New Member
Nov 30, 2015
There's no reason you can't do that if you want to, just make sure that a) there is enough room on the drive for both - leave some overhead, b) it's been forensically wiped before re-use c) you have hashed both the originals and the copies to make sure they are identical.

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