Two E01 with different MD5, help ~~


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May 7, 2017
Hi all,

I have a case recently and there is a serious problem.

I used Encase 6.18 acquired a laptop hdd (120GB, E01) in 2015 and had 3 "read error" in 3 different sectors.

Then I acquired the hdd again (E01 and dd) in 2017 for court purpose. This time no error occurred.

The MD5 is different since the two E01 is different.
For experiment, I filled in "00" in the 3 "read error" sectors to the dd file by using WinHex (as said from Encase it will zeroed out when error occur), then I calculated the MD5 again, but the MD5s didn't match.

I extracted 700+ files in 2015, and I extracted same files in 2017, the MD5s are matched.

The problem now is, the MD5s of 2 E01 is not matched even though I zeroed out the error sectors in experiment. I have no idea how to explain such issue . Please help ~~

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