Want Confirmation and Proof Whether a Video File Has Been Edited or Not

Apr 15, 2019
I am trying to find an affordable video forensics company on behalf of a workmate who could be stand accused of framing a work colleague if he revealed what he has and to find out whether that's true or not. To help you better understand what I require, I will give you some background information. Please refer to the below link which points to the file I would like analysing (I still have the original untouched file). An employee handed this to me after alleging that another employee was deliberately urinating in the mop bucket before he finished his shift so he bought a cam with a wide angle lens because he didn't know where to put it. An idea then came to him to put it in a padlocked toolbox with a hole between the cabinet and wall, but he didn't want to make the hole big enough at first to give him confidence because you could see the lens when you were close enough to it and he didn't want to pay out another £100 for another cam (non-wide angle) that would've got around this problem. If he'd have done this then he would've got his face because the next week the manager asked for the room to be cleared.

There is only 1 person who works that shift and there is only 1 door to that room and it is small so if it was someone else other than the person in the video then it would need to have been edited because you do see his face at the beginning as he's pulling out the dustcart. I'd like to point out that when he brings in the second bin, he knocks the cabinet and causes the toolbox with cam in to point ever-so-slightly down which adds substance to that it was just wedged inbetween the cabinet and wall. After he's done that, he opens the door ever-so-slightly to brush past the bin then you hear him lock the door because I know that he's still in the room as I hear him say: "You are a fucking muppet" in a low voice at 2:46 unless audio was superimposed over the video but I see that as unlikely as someone hiding in the room and as with that it would still need editing. At 6:00, the sound stops on his phone then he proceeds to do his act and I'd also like to point out that it goes B&W when he stands infront of it because it goes to nightvision mode. This takes it up to 7 minutes when he finishes

Because any editing would only have taken place between the 2 points of last seeing his face and his act then the rest of it would be irrelevant and what I am asking is can it just be analysed between those 2 points? If he'd have got a non-wide angle cam, made the hole bigger or the manager hadn't asked for the room to cleared the next week then he would've got his face: -


Thank you very much if anyone can help. Unfortunately £1000 is outside of my budget because I only work in cleaning and I've had another quote from Verden Forensics which was £708, but it's still out of my budget. I understand this is a professional field and it's always going to be expensive, but just incase you wondered it was recorded using the Zetta 16 (Z16) spycam. It recorded the last hour of his shift and the files were recorded as 15-minute files which are 18,000 frames in length at 20fps. I put it through VideoCleaner and it passed through file analysis so it seems the metadata in that regard hasn't been edited. The files use .mjpeg video and as you'll have seen, it's date and time-stamped in the lower righthand corner of the screen. Alternatively, I've been looking for someone to tell me if it would take a level of sophistication outside of someone who's a cleaner to edit it so that the cleaner couldn't be accused of editing it. This is a civil matter and was a personal initiative because it was doing a wrong (invasion of privacy) in order to put right a wrong. Regards, Mark -T-

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