What mean Computer Aidded Forensic??


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Sep 25, 2006
Can anybody tell me meaning of computer aidded forensic, different between computer aidded forensic and computer forensic, and related website link can find information computer aidded forensic.


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Nov 18, 2005
I assume you mean the word "aided" as in "to give aid". Computer-aided forensics is forensics with the assistance of a computer. For example, the police can use computers to do age progression on missing children's photographs to artificially "age" them to see if someone might recognize them after being missing for several years. Police forensics can also use computer systems for facial reconstruction or recognition, etc. instead of forensic artists using clay or plaster to perform re-creations. It does not necessarily relate to "computer forensics"

"Computer forensics" is the detailed analysis of digital data or information. Of course you use computers to do the analysis, but you can't use anything else. So simply put, "computer-aided forensics" is physical forensic science using computer technology instead of a physical technology (paper, clay, etc.) and "computer forensics" is the analysis of computer data.

Tim, CCE

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