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Apr 21, 2015
CCL Training Academy have an exclusive opportunity to enhance your knowledge base and skills within your role.

Working closely with Volatility, they are coming to the UK to specifically deliver training on this course matter.

For you analysts out there- you will know that this is something that is becoming ever more prevalent and the need to understand what is required is a must.

Volatile memory contains valuable information about the runtime state of the system, provides the ability to link artifacts from traditional forensics analysis (network, file system, registry) and provides the ability to ascertain investigative leads that have been unbeknownst to most analysts.

Malicious adversaries have been leveraging this knowledge disparity to
undermine many aspects of the digital investigation process with such things as anti-forensics techniques, memory resident malware, kernel rootkits, encryption (file systems, network traffic, etc.), and Trojan defences.

The only way to turn-the-tables and defeat a creative digital human adversary is through talented analysts. This course will demonstrate why Memory Forensics is a critical component of the digital investigation process and how investigators can gain the upper hand. The course will consist of lectures on specific topics in Windows Memory Forensics followed by intense hands-on exercises to put the topics into real world contexts.

This is an exclusive partnership in the UK as all training by Volatility is held and delivered in the USA.

To find out more visit our website: http :// www . cclgroupltd . com/product/windows-malware-and-memory-forensics/

or email us directly at: training(at) or alternatively message me on here.

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