How France is Upgrading its Communication Network in 2021

Though France is ahead of the world in many ways, there is an area in which France falls short. No matter where you are in the world, you may be familiar with something known as the yellow pages.

The yellow pages feel like something from the past these days, as though many places still produce them, not many people actually use them when trying to find the number that they need. This is because the accessibility of the internet has made it so easy to find the numbers that you need, as well as giving you other ways to get into contact with the people that you need to speak to.

The white pages

France not only uses the yellow pages still, but they also use something known as the white pages. This may seem confusing to someone who is unfamiliar with the practice, after all, why do they need two books to store numbers? The main difference between the two books is their content.

The yellow pages are a directory for business numbers, whereas the white pages can be used to locate the personal number and address of an individual.

The method of the white pages has been used in France since telecommunication became a key part of life. You can find pretty much any name on that registry, as long as a person hasn’t individually applied for their details to be removed.

When the white pages were first introduced, they only housed 200 numbers, which made them extremely manageable. As time has gone on, thousands upon thousands of numbers have been added to the directory, which means the older system of keeping names in a literal book no longer meets the needs of the french people. However, if you want to learn more about the directory system before it is gone, be sure to check out


The white pages have become such an integral part of the French identity that they were not completely ready to let it go. Though it no longer exists in a physical state, you can still find the white pages. This is because it is now entirely digital. Many may ask why they would put the white pages online when people can just google the number that they need. However, it is impossible to find a personal number online, which is why the white pages continue to be used.

The white pages continue to remove with the times, in fact not only can you find the white pages online, but you can also download the directory straight onto your smartphone device. This has made the white pages more accessible than they have ever been and it also means that people can dial calls straight from the app.

Increased safety

When the white pages were in a physical copy, there were a lot of questions about the safety of it.  This is because people had literal books that held lists of people’s locations in them. These days, when you are looking for someone’s number, you need to put in both of their names, as well as their residential area. This makes it much safer than before, as before you can contact someone you need to know something about them at least. Though the safety of the technique is still questionable, there is no doubt that there have been improvements.

As previously stated, people can opt-out of being including amongst the list of people for their own safety and it is now much easier to get your name removed than it has ever been.

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