Tech Safety Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Children Safe! 

Cybercrimes are increasing day-by-day with the advancement of technology. The most vulnerable target of such criminals is children, generally, teenagers. Teenagers are on their phones most of the time nowadays, making them an easy target. Cybercrimes can be misusing personal information or account details, cyber blackmailing, and many more. Such criminals take advantage of the teenagers who are easy to manipulate with exciting offers because they do not know much about such frauds. 

With the increase in productivity because of the Internet and computers, the crimes have been increasing every year passing by, which means the education system lacks in educating people about cyber attacks and the safety precautions to be adopted. Parents should take the responsibility of interacting properly with their children to aware them of such cyber frauds. 

Awareness of such crimes is crucial because these crimes are increasing at a high rate every day. The Internet has been an integral part of our lives for a long time, making us entirely dependent on it. Such dependence comes with risks that should be prevented by adopting proper measures. 

Safety guide for children 

Some important technology-related tips are mentioned to prevent children from cybercrimes. 

  • Teach the children to not trust everybody 

The teenagers are n the age where they can trust anyone easily and want to make moiré and more friends. Relying on someone personally by meeting is more comfortable than the one found on the Internet because when you meet a person in real life, you can know about them by their behavior, body language, and personality, but on the Internet, on social media platforms, you cannot know the person. 

Teach your children not to trust anyone blindly online, even if they like someone, get to know them by taking the proper time, and then meet them personally if they feel so. Children should avoid meeting someone at the first go. No one knows the person behind a social media identity, any criminal can pretend to be friendly, and that is where you cannot tell whether the person is genuine or not. 

Tell your children not to give their personal information to anyone demanding it. Generally, the sugar-coated texts by the criminals are far away from the practical world. It is a crucial indicator to identify cyber-fraudsters. 

  • Download from secure sites 

The children may not know about website security, but parents should be well aware of the secure sites’ certificate. Tell children to visit and download from such safe sites only. Downloading something from an insecure site can cause serious issues because it may be associated with some malware and viruses. The most common form of phishing attack is through visiting such sites.  

No one should visit the sites that are not popular because the popular sites indicated being genuine. Sites as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and others are safe and secure because people worldwide trust them. Downloading any spam or the malicious file can cause serious threats to the pc. You should only download something from a site that shows what is in it.  

If you want to download games, do it from Playstore, and id is not available there, go to only the certified sites for the purpose. 

  • Sign out 

Do not forget to log out of the device you use to check your accounts, whether it is a social media platform or Gmail id. For example, you use someone’s phone or pc to use your Facebook account and forget to log out of it; the person can take advantage of your name and can do anything that you may not like; the person can even change your password, which can cost you the account. 

Guardian should be aware of it and tell the children to carefully log out of the devices after using them even if it is theirs. There are chances that you may give your device to someone who can take advantage of your logged-in accounts. 

  • Keep your children updated 

The children keep themselves updated about all the current trends all around the world related to fashion, blogging, and everything. They should be aware of what is going on in the tech world, about advancements and risks through the Internet. Cybercrimes are daily happening in every nation over the globe.  

The updates regarding the cases are crucial to safety because being in touch with the current happenings, and the techniques that the attackers use is the best tip to prevent any fraud. Parents can also help in this purpose by telling the children to be updated about the current events in cybercrime and security. 

  • Read before signing up 

Before you sign up on a website using your personal information, read about the platform’s terms and conditions because you should be well-known to the website where you are entering your details. The website should be good enough to have genuine reviews, and you should read those reviews to learn about the platform.  

There may be both negative and positive comments about it; you should focus on the ratio of both. Prefer signing up on a platform that has more positive and less negative reviews. It would help you to know better about it. 

Guide the children to take proper precautions while adding their info even to a certified and trustworthy website. The children are always excited and in a hurry to do everything; you should tell them that there is a need to slow down while sharing important details with anyone or any platform.   

 It applies in the case of an application or software too. Read the details about the application before downloading it. If you download a malfunctioning application, it can ultimately create security threats to the device. 


Everyone from parents to teenagers is on using the Internet nowadays because of its several attributes. It makes cybercrimes one of the biggest scams in the world. You should know the proper precautions that can help you avoid such attacks on your personal and professional data. Teach children about safety measures because they are the most vulnerable and easy target for cyber attackers. 

Josephine Jordan is a tech-savy, cybersecurity enthusiast, IT professional and a writer. She has more than 5 years of experience working in the IT industry particularly in the field of cyber security

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