Welcome to the New Computer Forensics World Forum

Welcome to the New Computer Forensics World. The original Computer Forensics World Forum was started in 2004 and quickly grew to over 29,000 professional members.

As one of the main Digital Forensics forums for professions throughout the world, fans of the forum were sad to see it slowly deteriorate over the last 5 years with an outdated and difficult to use forum.

This was especially true on mobile devices.

We are happy to announce that this forum is now under new ownership with the goal to once again become the main Digital Forensics Forum on the internet for DFIR, OSINT and Cyber Security.

The forum has been updated and designed to work on mobile devices while offering you the latest in forum features.

The new forum will allow you to find the information you want and alert you to discussions you are interested in.

We encourage you to explore the site, post questions and take part in the discussions.

As with any forum, we are only as good as the members that take part.

To start, the Blog area will have a limited number of articles, but we plan to expand this section as we grow.

We are looking for authors who want to write detailed articles and share your knowledge in DFIR, OSINT and Cyber Security.

If interested in writing articles for our Blog, please email articles@ComputerForensicsWorld.com

If you have any thoughts on how we can further improve this forum, please post your comments below.


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Dec 2, 2008
Seattle, WA
It is always good to see DFIR resources, new and old, grow online. Especially for those of us who can't get enough of digging into DFIR resources.